Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Day Out @ Gurney

21 January 2010
A day out with Jacelyn ang ZhengYing,
He fetched both of us to Gurney.
Had lunch at Kim Gary then walked around in Gurney.
didnt managed to catch a movie as we just dont feel like watching.
chilled at Winter Warmer & played cards.
Met Greg and ShinDee as well.
i'll meet them whenever i go gurney. Lol
then they joined us for playing Chor Tai Dee.
We didnt go for dinner as we had late lunch.
dropped Jacelyn to KaiKan then we continued to chill at Coffee Island.
i like the greentea there! =D
Another day has passed

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DEFINE event @ Autocity

16 January 2010
It just happened last saturday.
i got this job for the DEFINE event.
i started to get ready since 430pm and it took me 1.5 hours to make-up and stuff.
sister's friend fetched us to Autocity at 6pm.
i'm supposed to reach there at 7pm.
Sis is following her friends to this party as well as they're invited.
reached there at about 650pm. got the uniform from the supervisor.
the uniform is just too tight!
after a short briefing then all of us started to work.
The DEFINE event was held at Autocity.
they decorated it like a pub/club. its exactly the same.
those invited gguest can only attend this party.
I was doing at the registration counter.
Alot of people attended this event on that day.
met a few of my friends there.
but i guess they wont feel regret attending it.
the event sponsored alcoholic drinks as well.
while i was working, i can see drunkards around or those drunk people were carried out by the guards.
that night was very happening and i worked till 230am.
the heels were torturing me the whole night haha!

my uniform

my partner

Gurney & Beach with J/Z

12 January 2010
A day out with Jacelyn and Zheng Ying at Gurney
was planning one week ago cause zy was on leave on that day.
was looking forward to it but somethins is missing.
that is our miss saw hoay ping.
she's just too busy *annoyed*
so there's only 3 of us.
watched the movie named Old Dogs
the show is quite funny.
Met chiew fern, jia yun and sze jun in the cinema.
we were watching the same movie and they just sit right behind us.
was shocked when they tapped on our shoulder. Lol.
Movie ended, walki around in gurney.
then we're too bored of window shopping then we went to beach.
i love going there in the evening as its not too hot and just so nice although we were just sitting there and talk.
went off at 7pm then headed back to Gurney.
had dinner at sushi king. =D
after dinner we went for a walk along gurney drive
the wind at night is so comfy.
went home at 11pm.
A nice one! <3

Meeting up with the Pu's

11 January 2010
A day out with my girls
Jessica & sunny are my dates of the day.
Hi-tea @ Coffee Island.
catching up woth each other.
then we decided to go beach have a walk.
and there we go.
Jessica is going back to Japan in one week time! =(
I'll miss her & her kelisa! =D

Victor's 20th birthday

9 January 2010
Victor had a birthday party at Golden View Apartments.
He invited all of us there.
had dinner at Faces.
does'nt really like the food there.
Sunny and Wei Theng attended the party as well
didnt see them for so long already
then waited for the boys to change in the Apartment
and we headed to UPR.
they continued celebrating at FAME.
me and yeeming stayed up then we went Mois after that.
Met a few of my MBS friends there.
went home as soon as the club ended.
I didnt get the pictures in FAME
so i only post a few of the Mois pictures.

He is the birthday boy,
i've forgotten to take a picture with him



Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Queens with J & P

4 January 2010
Girls outing with Jacelyn and Ping.
the only 3 of us.
It has been awhile since the last time we hang out together.
finally we managed to find a day that everyone is free.
Actually its only depending on ping cause she's always the one busy. lol
we can hardly hang out together again as ping is working right now :(
alright back to the topic, we went Queensbay.
watched Avatar and it took almost 3 hours.
but the show is quite nice and worth it.
After movie, we had lunch at Kim Gary.
our all-time-restaurant.
had fun gossiping with both of them.
then we went for shopping.
tried on clothes together, squeezed in a fitting room together. Lol!
then zheng ying came to find us during his break.
we went off at 6pm cause i was driving and my car has curfew =.=
I want more outing like this, the only 3 of us =D
When is the next time?!

thanks to Jacelyn for throwing the top on my head. duh!